A sustainable





Tradition through innovation

Guided by a sustainable approach that doesn’t stop at production, cc-tapis’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond producing timeless hand-made rugs with a selection of organic and natural materials; cc-tapis’ aim is to embrace tradition through innovation. For years cc-tapis has undertaken a path of transversal reduction through its production and distribution processes, paying attention to social, human and economic factors. 

cc-for education

In 2016 cc-tapis began tackling social and economic sustainability issues in Nepal, launching its own NPO, cc-for education, an organization with the goal of providing a full education in private schools to children and students in Nepal.

Plastic-Free Packaging

In 2020 and 2021 cc-tapis minimized its impact by saving, recycling and reusing materials to encourage more sustainable practices. In 2021 the company launched plastic-free packaging, taking advantage of the tons of clothing which are discarded globally every year. After years of growth, cc-tapis developed a resistant plastic-free textile which became the brand’s packaging, shipping rugs worldwide.

The Bag

Working closely with GRASSI 10000, a Milanese company known for its creative approach to sustainability,  the 100% plastic free fabric was transformed into a recycled and recyclable shopping bag, going beyond packaging. A project which outlined that a product’s life-span doesn’t end at delivery.

cc-tapis embraces and celebrates artisanal production techniques and strives to achieve the same levels of sustainability in every aspect of the company.

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