Born in France. Designed in Milan. Produced in Nepal.

cc-tapis is an Italian company which produces contemporary hand-knotted rugs which are created in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans.

The company was founded by Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni in France who have been producing hand-knotted rugs in Nepal for over 18 years. In 2011 cc-tapis moved to Milan where the company is now based and a team of designers lead by Daniele Lora, art-director and partner, innovate through a new approach to traditional methods.


A strong respect for the materials and for the culture of this ancient craft is reflected in the company’s eco-friendly approach to every step of production, ranging from the hand spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the washing of the final products, making each one of cc-tapis rugs unique.

Far from mass production, cc-tapis aims to offer a tailored service to those who understand and enjoy a high-end product, where a three month production time contains a story of ageless culture.


CC-FOR EDUCATION is a non-profit organization which was founded in May 2015 by Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni with the mission to provide a complete education to the children of weavers in Nepal. Offering education in private schools from kindergarten all the way through to high-school graduation.

For more information, please click here to visit the CC-FOREDUCATION website.


Piazza Santo Stefano 10
20122 Milano, Italy

T +39 02 890 938 84