From 2022, all cc-tapis’ shipments are offset with Carbonsink becoming carbon neutral.

As a design brand and producer, cc-tapis has the responsibility to minimize its environmental impact, to consider that what we produce today will affect tomorrow, without compromising future generations. 

Guided by the desire to be as sustainable as the production of its handmade rugs, every year cc-tapis pro-actively finds a way to be more responsible and increase its investment and commitment in sustainability. From choosing natural materials, avoiding polluting components, upcycling discarded clothing to produce a 100% plastic free packaging, to its latest goal: carbon neutrality. 

With the aim of offsetting the emissions of its transportation, a major factor in the global carbon footprint, in 2022 cc-tapis teams up with Carbonsink, an Italian consultancy firm engaged in helping companies achieve carbon neutrality.  

By analyzing cc-tapis’ 2021 – 2022 shipments by road, ship and air, Carbonsink calculated that the brand emitted 657 tons of CO2 delivering rugs to their clients worldwide. To offset these emissions, together with Carbonsink, cc-tapis developed a carbon-neutrality strategy focused on purchasing certified and guaranteed carbon projects. 

cc-tapis chose to collaborate with Kariba Forest Protection, a community-based project in Zimbabwe that protects almost 785,000 hectares of forests and wildlife on the southern shores of Lake Kariba. A project supporting local communities to become more resilient to the effects of a changing climate.  

This is part of cc-tapis’ wider commitment to become completely carbon neutral by 2030.

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About Carbonsink
Carbonsink is a driver of sustainable change. The organization combines innovation in consultancy with more than 10 years of experience in developing mitigation projects to achieve tangible results via a proven and innovative method based on research.  

Born as a University of Florence’s spin-off, Carbonsink has now become a leader in Italy in the development of climate strategies and projects generating high-quality carbon credits. Working together with companies, they develop the most suitable net-zero strategy for them, helping mitigate climate risks and seizing new climate-driven business opportunities.  

Their projects focus on attaining carbon credits which are certified by the most authoritative international standards with a dual benefit: reducing emissions and promoting biodiversity, thus boosting the socio-economic prosperity of local communities.  

By joining the South Pole family in 2022, Carbonsink had the opportunity to access global resources, innovative technologies and about 1.000 projects worldwide, while maintaining their role as a local leader in the Italian market. Carbonsink now has more than 20 offices worldwide, in addition to their office in Maputo, Mozambique, becoming the largest climate solutions provider and carbon project developer.  



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