The spectrum photoshoot was made for the spectrum catalog that will be launched on the 30th of September, stay tuned!

Text by Federico Sarica – editor at ICON magazine

Photos by Jeremias Morandell and Ivan Grianti

“SPECTRUM, or perhaps Spect/Room. In optical terms, according to the encyclopedia, a SPECTRUM is simply “the luminous band composed of the sequence of colors of the rainbow.”

Feathers collection designed by Maarten de Ceulaer



Visioni and Rotazioni new Electric color combination designed by Patricia Urquiola

“ROOM, on the other hand, is “a chamber; each of the spaces that make up an apartment, and by extension, the set of furniture used to decorate those spaces”. Light, rainbow, furniture, space: if there were a periodic table of the key elements in the life and works of cc-tapis, there is no doubt that these four would feature strongly.”

Plasterworks collection designed by David/Nicolas


After Party designed by Garth Roberts

“From these reflections comes the key to the staging of this season’s catalog, the true constant thread running through the imagery you are about to see on these pages. Light as an architectural and decorative element, be it by its absence or its presence, and as the ideal means of bringing color, every color. For each color, a room. For each room, a rug.”

Dusk is part of the METROQUADRO collection and is designed by cc-tapis Design-Lab


Ultimate Bliss designed by Mae Engelgeer

“What better surface on which the interplay of colors mentioned above could land? A RUG is by its very nature a palette with a dominant color, and an organic artifact made of living, evolving matter. CC-TAPIS, as all its friends and acquaintances know, lives for the different collaborations and worlds that come together, the rooms, all connected with one another in some way, always ready to let the light filter through from outside.”

Triple Slinkie new PINK color combination designed by Patricia Urquiola


Rug Invaders designed by cc-tapis Design-Lab

“Further confirmation comes from the statement, “BORN IN FRANCE. DESIGNED IN ITALY. PRODUCED IN NEPAL.” A spectrum of ideas, a rainbow of materials combining different skills and crafts, a series of rooms that are both experiences and lives, colorful and thick with nuances, just like the personal stories of the designers and other talents involved in this collective adventure.”

Tidal collection designed by Germans Ermics

cc-tapis spectrum catalog tidal germans ermics


Oldie Soie designed by cc-tapis Design-Lab


Asmara designed by Federico Pepe

“Which leads us on to another fundamental detail that we find in this work, in the shoot for this new campaign: the human element. Because within the rooms are people: people who give these spaces life, who shape their character through the eternal exercise in taste that is human habitation. This exercise has been repeated regularly down the ages, but never in quite the same way, giving, instead, a different color to each era it has spanned and will continue to span. Because, at the end of the day, it is people who see color, and who see themselves in a color; it is people who, by interacting with the light, can somehow define it, transform it, warm or cool it. Just as a designer does when tackling a new design and bringing it to life, or a craftsman working with a new material to be shaped. Just as we all ultimately do, finding ways to design and craft the things that happen in our lives.”

Envolée new color combination designed by Cristina Celestino


Casellario Monocromo 2.0 designed by Parisotto + Formenton


Lunar Addiction designed by Studiopepe.


Segni Minimi designed by Giuseppe Di Costanzo


Dipped Angle designed by cc-tapis Design-Lab


Parvata collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud


Haze is part of the METROQUADRO collection and is designed by cc-tapis Design-Lab