The new contract collection from cc-tapis.
Contemporary patterns and geometric motifs created with rich materials and artisanal production.


A collection which gives the freedom to create rugs with the sizes, materials and colors of your choice, with delivery in 6 to 8 weeks.





Produced entirely by hand in Nepal, metroquadro rugs are hand-woven and have been created with contract projects in mind. Rugs are woven line-by-line instead of knot per knot.

Produced with a handloom technique which allows for the production of high-quality rugs with a much shorter lead-time. Our materials include Himalayan wool, pure-silk, vegetal-silk, linen and aloe, which are washed, hand-spun and hand-dyed in our atelier in Nepal.




Catering for the needs of interior designers and architects who require large quantities of high-quality bespoke rugs. Producing by hand means that we can customise every step of production with a variety of finishings including high-pile, low-pile, loop-pile and flatweave.

Choose from our various designs, patterns and finishes and adapt the color, material, the size and even the yarn. We have hundreds of colors to choose from and we can match PANTONE or RAL color codes.

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