The cc-tapis  SPECTRUM campaign, a culmination of creative talent and collaboration, described here in the words of Federico Sarica, editor of ICON Magazine:

“SPECTRUM, or perhaps Spect/Room. In optical terms, according to the encyclopaedia, a SPECTRUM is simply “the luminous band composed of the sequence of colors of the rainbow”. ROOM, on the other hand, is “a chamber; each of the spaces that make up an apartment, and by extension, the set of furniture used to decorate those spaces”. Light, rainbow, furniture, space: if there were a periodic table of the key elements in the life and works of CC-TAPIS, there is no doubt that these four would feature strongly. From these reflections comes the key to the staging of this season’s catalog, the true constant thread running through the imagery you are about to see on these pages. Light as an architectural and decorative element, be it by its absence or its presence, and as the ideal means of bringing color, every color. For each color, a room. For each room, a rug.”


Photo: Alessandro Oliva     /      Art Direction: Motel 409     /       Set Design and Styling: Studio Milo


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