VOLUME I – One Night in Milan | Stroke by Sabine Marcelis


During MDW22, cc-tapis unveiled its new compendium VOLUME I, a spectrum of shapes and colors which explore the first 10 years of the company, delving into some of the most iconic collections.

Designed by Studio TEMP, VOLUME I is a timeless editorial project thought as an expansive tool that shares a glimpse into cc-tapis’ creative universe designed with an analogue product search to easily access and explore a portfolio of designs and references that spans a decade. 




The printed volume contains official photos, but also special backstage materials: whatsapp conversations with the designers, technical graphs and sketches. A constellation of colors, designs and approaches connected with each other through analogical hyperlinks.

Starting from cc-tapis’ approach and vision to the rug as an object, VOLUME I retraces and connects its historical and anthropological nature throughout cc-tapis’ history and collaborations with world-leading creatives. The rug becomes the center of an ecosystem connecting people, defining spaces and merging creativity with boundless experimentation.


Temp is a graphic design studio founded in 2007 by Guido Daminelli, Marco Fasolini and Fausto Giliberti in Bergamo. The studio covers various aspects of graphic design: visual identity, type-design, editorial design, art direction and web design.



Graphic project by Studio Temp
Brand and communication strategy by P:S

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