A selection of cc-tapis icons reinterpreted
in undyed materials


Bliss big ultimate undyed by Mae Engelgeer

cc-tapis presents: An undyed mood

cc-tapis dives into the rich world of natural materials for the new Undyed mood. Since the inception of cc-tapis, the brand has been exploring and working with undyed fibres, developing rugs, samples and material combinations. Collections like Inventory by Faye Toogood, presented in 2016, the Ultimate Bliss by Mae Engelgeer, Fuga by Cristiàn Mohaded and the Oldie collection are amongst a handful of rugs which have been transformed by the exploration of undyed materials.


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Swarm Runner and Square Round by Marlene Huissoud

The undyed colors are never flat,
containing an inherent
contrast that is impossible
to recreate through dying

Now in 2022, cc-tapis icons are presented in an entirely undyed mood. Bringing a natural warmth to the avant-garde aesthetic of the brand, with each rug expressing its singularity through its natural color.


Xequer C undyed by Martino Gamper

Bliss big ultimate undyed by Mae Engelgeer

Discover the undyed mood >>

Natural Materials 

Producing in Nepal, cc-tapis has access to local materials such as Himalayan wool, cashmere, silk and aloe, natural fibers which have been used in the region for centuries passing down the artisanal knowledge from generation to generation.

Each natural material has its own texture and feel which benefits from the refinement of the yarns in the cc-tapis atelier, becoming beautiful to touch and feel. Beyond the tactile experience of every material, its unique texture and structure absorbs and reflects light differently, a phenomenon that gives the rugs a complex shine and incredible depth. 

Production process of Bliss ultimate 

The base material for each cc-tapis rug is Himalayan wool, a material which comes from Himalayan sheep, animals which have evolved to survive the harsh local winters by developing thick and dense woolen coats, rich in natural Lanolin. This waxy substance protects the wool, and the sheep, creating a robust material which varies in color from light grey, to almost black. 


Envoleé undyed by Cristina Celestino

Primitive Weave 1 undyed by Chiara Andreatti

A new aesthetic  

With a natural depth and tactility, these elements open a new material universe for cc-tapis. Shearers divide the Himalayan wool into a palette of natural shades, each beautifully raw with a wealth of shades and hues. The colors are never flat, containing an inherent contrast that is impossible to recreate through dying.  

Primitive Weave 4 undyed by Chiara Andreatti

The Undyed mood gives life to a dynamic palette that has been developed by the cc-tapis atelier in Kathmandu and the cc-tapis design-lab in Milan, creating an aesthetic of soft and natural tones which has been applied to the bold and colorful signature style of cc-tapis.

Envoleé undyed by Cristina Celestino and Lunar Addiction square undyed by Studiopepe.


Swarm Round by Marlene Huissoud

Lunar Addiction square undyed by Studiopepe.

Creative Direction & Production by Ark Journal 
Styling by Pernille Vest  
Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen 

Environmentally friendly by nature 

Diving into the Undyed mood means creating a visual and tactile experience that saves liters and liters of water which would normally be used during the dying process. By having direct control of the raw fibers, cc-tapis embraces a process which is sustainable by nature, confirming its desire to remain outside of industrial norms. Hand-knotted by cc-tapis’ artisans in Nepal, the value of traditional craftsmanship is transferred into a delicate and timeless aesthetic where undyed fibers highlight the unique shades which are innate to the organic materials used to create a rug.

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