Cormio S/S 2023 

During MDW 2022 cc-tapis designed and produced 5 custom rugs for the presentation of the S/S 2023 collection of Italian fashion brand CORMIO.

Evoking the scattered madness of a modern and diverse family, the show took place in a “shabby chic” dolls house in Milan inhabited by kids and decorated with everyday life objects and furniture, including cc-tapis rugs.

Blurred between real life and magical bedtime stories, the rugs conceived for the show play with everyday life chaos bringing common objects such as scissors or a remote control and kids’ toys like teddy bears or colourful cubes on the surface of a rug.


Each rug is a piece of a bigger puzzle made of 5 woollen parts exploring the lives of grown-ups which bounce between repetition and interruption, between calm and mayhem. A design inspired by Jezabelle Cormio’s question of how two opposite concepts can co-inhabit. 


CORMIO is a Milan-based contemporary womenswear brand with a new take on an old tradition, offering knitwear and tailoring for the wild and restless. It is a coming-of-age story born at the intersection of tradition and rebellion, done dressed in bon-ton daywear with a deranged twist. “We make clothing that boys want to steal from their sisters, mothers, friends or girlfriends, daring to go where no mini-skirt has gone before”, explains founder Jezabelle Cormio. 

CORMIO’s aesthetic explores the final frontiers of the bourgeoisie fantasy, evolving old-world signifiers to give them new-world context. Each piece is produced with the highest standards at heart, working hand in hand with small Italian factories to embrace sustainable methods of manufacturing. CORMIO is committed to perfecting their practices with each passing collection. Their eyes turned firmly towards the future or their field, CORMIO invites one and all to experience fantasy.  


Jezabelle Cormio was born in 1990 in New York, to an Italian father and American mother. Her worldly childhood led her to live in big cities like Paris, Rome, and London as well as small towns across the Italian countryside, a duality embedded in the core of her creative process. She studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in Belgium. In 2019 she felt it was time to design a broader collection focused on embroidered knitwear, with an all-encompassing head-to-toe perspective. The first spring-summer collection of Cormio was launched that September, alongside her business partner Giordano Franchetti. Growing steadily ever since, it introduced more than a line of garments, but an alternative approach to fashion design.

 Reclaiming the Italian tradition of transmission — and its love of grandmothers — Cormio creates pieces inspired by Italy’s vast cultural heritage, working in decentralized areas of the country where she can contribute to sustaining the community in a meaningful way.

Her greatest creation to date, her daughter Leonilde, was born in November 2020 just about a week after filming the brand’s short film for Gucci Fest which aired the same month. Cormio lives and works in her design studio in Milan and produces everything she creates in Italy. 


Portraits by Jukka Ovaskainen
Artwork by Cormio


Cormio S/S 2023

Cormio S/S 2023

Photo by Francesco Terramagra

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