In September the Woven Watercolors capsule collection of carpets launched by renowned architect Steven Holl in collaboration with cc-tapis.

The designs are exhibited at our HUNDREDMILE showroom and presented with Steven Holl’s architectural models, watercolors and his monograph published by Phaidon.

The “Morton Feldman Carpet” (2015) and the “Ex of IN Carpet” (2016) are the first to be offered in the Woven Watercolors collection. They were originally designed in collaboration with cc-tapis for the Lewis Arts Complex at Princeton University and the Ex of IN House in Rhinebeck, New York.

To celebrate the release we are displaying the new carpets and process materials that express the design process behind the carpets, as well as the buildings that inspired them. Process materials include models, studies, watercolors, sculptural objects, and rug samples.

The exhibition will be on view until next Sunday, October 28th.

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