cc-tapis anteprima presented on the occasion of Biennale Interieur 2018 express the creativity and the inspirations of the designers who have collaborated with the brand, maintaining the focus on materials.

A rare presentation of unseen bespoke rugs developed and presented exclusively for the Biennale Interieur 2018. Presented in an experimental space creating a contemporary narrative between the rugs and the environment.

5 new projects, with each one being completely unique from the other.

Each being developed with the designer to create a new but more importantly experimental rug. The colors were studied to create a harmonious presentation in the space in which they are presented.



Faye Toogood presents “Interior With Table”, the first of six rugs from the upcoming Doodle collection that represents her inimitable playfulness and curiosity. Cristina Celestino brings us the “Envolée” rug, a representation of some of the most delicate architecture present in nature; a butterflys wing.  Mae Engelgeer has increased the sculptural and 3D effect of the Bliss collection with the “Ultimate Bliss”. Parisotto + Formenton continue the research that began with the Casellario Monocromo 2.0 which they have evolved into the “Hole” rug and Federico Pepe was inspired by the iconography and the formal essentiality of modernist architecture to create “Asmara”.

Stand designed by Studio MILO.



Collection Press Kit:                               Stand Press Kit:

Press Kit in English.                                  Stand Press Kit in English

Press Kit in Italian.                                    Stand Press Kit in Italian


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