cc-tapis produces Shalini Misra’s rug collection inspired by Indian ancient stepwells for Curio.

The Stepwells collection translates historical Indian architectural structures into the designs of rugs  by weaving exceptionally delicate gradients of hand-dyed Himalayan wool and silk.  

To evoke the surreal and sculptural effect that inspired Shalini Mistra to design the collection, cc-tapis’ artisans integrate different pile heights, textures and an original combination of colors which define the varying levels of stepwells and their elaborate carvings.  

The Stepwells Collection is available on


Shalini Misra, an internationally celebrated interior architect, designer, and property developer, has shaped exceptional spaces for over two decades. Her design studio, with offices in London, Milan, New York, Delhi and Dubai, is dedicated to creating elegant, timeless, and sustainable interiors that prioritise the well-being of inhabitants. Often collaborating with artists and galleries to curate bespoke collections, in 2022 Shalini also launched Curio, an evolving and ambitious collection of handcrafted objects, beautiful art and imaginative design from around the world. 

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