cc-tapis hosts Sunnei for the FW24 show developing a gigantic rug made in the cc-tapis’ prototyping center. 


On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2024, cc-tapis continues its collaborations in the fashion world utilizing the brand’s new Milanese prototyping center to produce a bespoke rug for Sunnei’s FW show.  

A made-in-Milan rug made from regenerated Econyl® Nylon yarns which marks a significant stride towards consciousness in the design and fashion industries, encouraging a new interpretation and usage of materials.  

Jaquard koala dress made by cc-tapis – Indian Atelier

Part of an unexpected set up, the custom piece was created to be regenerated. Upon the conclusion of the Fashion show, the rug can be fully recycled with its fibers being regenerated into a brand-new Nylon yarn, ensuring a sustainable loop in the production process.  

“Design should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also responsible. At cc-tapis we strive to push the boundaries of creativity, constantly questioning how things are done and investing in research and innovation. The collaboration with Sunnei set a new standard for creativity: a conscious approach to the project which is the starting point, the inspiration for future collaborations and challenges” shares Daniele Lora, cc-tapis Art Director. 

Made-in-Milan rug made from regenerated Econyl® Nylon yarns

cc-tapis x SUNNEI @ cc-tapis headquarters

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