• Stroke 1.0 Blue

  • Blue
  • 300x160
  • Customizable in size
  • Himalayan Wool
  • A+ (152.000 knots/sqm approx)
  • For the Stroke collection each room is envisioned as a blank canvas and the rug as the singular gesture onto which one builds a composition. Starting from domestic associations, Marcelis considers the expressive potential of everyday life. “The house is like a canvas and we are constantly creating drawings and marks and traces with our daily gestures. Strokes, wipes, brushes, streaks; surfaces become a temporary canvas. The rugs I designed for cc-tapis capture two of those gestures in a permanent state,” she says of her creative process, which also took cues from Lichtenstein’s pop-art brushstroke paintings and the colorful fields of Pablo Tomek’s spontaneous movements, harnessing the totality of the gesture within each design. Each rug features a gradient of color saturation and pile height, mirroring the three-dimensionality and irregular pigment of a stroke of paint. The ridges and valleys a painter relies on to build intensity are rendered in dyed wool, highlighting the thoughtful craftsmanship present in each creation.
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