• Le(s)s

  • Standard
  • 230x300
  • Customizable in size
  • himalayan wool and silk
  • A (125.000 knots / sqm approx.)
  • Lack and Less designed by Christophe Delcourt.
    Christophe Delcourt and cc-tapis: The common taste to explore new territories. Over the years and collaborations, his research has become focused on materials. As a result, the work of Christophe Delcourt is now mature and perfectly identifiable, he has been offered the possibility to move towards an expertise that is always more developed and precise, as in his recent collaboration with cc-tapis. “The thing that seduced me about cc-tapis, is their approach to materials and color. The opportunity to work with natural materials, whose nature is intrinsically uncertain. For example, with artisanal production techniques, color is not always absorbed into the fibers the same way. This renders every piece original and it is for this reason that I wanted to work with uniform colors and not with motifs. I wanted to, in one way or another, accompany this natural variation in dying to the point it disappears. The result of this observation is a series of rugs that interprets, everyone is its own way, the perfect illusion between a precious material - pure silk - in another more raw material - wool.”
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