• Hole

  • Standard
  • 230x300
  • Customizable in size and color
  • Cotton weave, Himalayan wool and linen pile
  • B (89.000 knots/sqm approx.)
  • The “Hole” rug continues the research that Parisotto + Formenton initially started for the Casellario Monocromo, Casellario Monocromo 2.0 and Cut Out Monochromo rugs, presented by cc-tapis in recent years. Research and consequently an aesthetic direction based on a great sensitivity for the tactility and the visual perception for the materials used to create the rug. In the Hole rug, as the name suggests, a Hole creates an absence which is placed in an unexpected and eccentric position, breaking the surface, creating a point of focus, a pause. A “pause” which creates a presence.
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