• Graffiti

  • standard
  • 230x300 cm
  • Customizable in size
  • Hand-knotted
  • 100% wool
  • A (125.000 knots/sqm)
  • cc-tapis and Cassina combine artisanal expertise with contemporary design for two hand-knotted rugs conceived by pioneering architect Charlotte Perriand during her time in Japan: Vérité and Graffiti. Vérité features the Japanese ideogram for “Truth”, or the Mandarin character for “Free”, imprinted into the pile of a vibrant red rug. The pattern featured on the Graffiti rug comes from a photo of a pair of obscure marine animals sketched by an anonymous Japanese sailor that Charlotte Perriand took on the Hakusan Maru ship in June 1940.
  • Any CERTIFICATION must be promptly requested to the cc-tapis sales team, when providing all other initial information necessary for the development of the rug/s.
    All cc-tapis rugs produced in the following materials have been tested and have obtained the standard ASTM D-2859-06 surface flammability certificate:

    — Handtufted-ULTIMATE category: wool, viscose, linen

    — Handtufted-ESSENTIAL category: wool, viscose, silk, linen, aloe and lurex

    — Handloom: wool, linen, bamboo silk and aloe

    — Handknotted: wool, silk, linen, bamboo silk and aloe

    If needed, cc-tapis can provide the ASTM D-2859-06 surface flammability certificate for specific rug designs produced for its clients.
    Quote and lead time to be confirmed depending on the project.
    Other certificates available upon request. Quote and lead time to be confirmed depending on the project.


    cc-tapis does not recommend soil, stain & water, and fire protection treatments for various reasons:
    — Soil and stain repellent treatments are not permanent and do not guarantee resistance to liquids at high temperature and PH <7.
    — Strong chemicals used can be toxic.
    Fire treatment is not recommended as all standard materials offered by cc-tapis have good anti-flammability properties and pass flammability test naturally.

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