• Soul on the dancefloor

  • Standard
  • 100x130
  • Customizable in size
  • A++ (232.000 nodi/sqm)
  • Evolution on the Dancefloor designed by Marta Bagante.
    "When I designed the collection I was experimenting with different graphics techniques to express my love for nature and evolution. I’ve always seen life as a big party and transforming a skull, a monkey and a heart in a dancing mix of colors like if they were an anthropological mirror-ball seemed the best way to express my view of life and change.
    At the same time it was very important to stay connected to the tradition of rug manufacturing techniques, I felt that going back to the concept of the tapestry (arazzo) which was used in the past to tell stories and legends of families and religions was the best way to stay connected to tradition in a contemporary way, like if this collection was supposed to be hanged in a palace salon during a dancing evening. The fringe is a must have that completes the balance between colors and natural elements. "
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