• Cultivate Chevron Green

  • green
  • 230x300
  • Not customizable
  • Himalayan wool and cotton
  • “Cutting becomes a process of creation instead of destruction,” explains textile designer Yuri Himuro of the inspiration behind her collection, Cultivate. Based on her innovative textile project Snip Snap — a jacquard pattern whose design only becomes apparent when the woven threads are snipped, revealing a double structure within the textile — Himuro explores the creative potential found in the act of cutting.

    To create the rugs, cc-tapis translated Himuro’s novel jacquard weaving technique into an Indian flatweave. The nature of the design renders the rug infinitely customizable, allowing each owner to embrace the gesture of cutting, revealing colorful flatweave beneath the first layer of woolen threads. “The texture of each rug must be individually cultivated,” Himuro describes of her intention. The opportunity to personalize each rug, she believes, will bring joy to people and create a sense of emotional attachment towards their belongings.

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