• cc-tapis-showroom-bethan-laura-wood-euphorbia-collection-rug
  • cc-tapis-showroom-bethan-laura-wood-euphorbia-collection-rug

Milan Design Week 2022
It was a big week with even bigger collections, so here’ s a recap of everything you need to know.

First and foremost,
6 new projects by: Patricia Urquiola, Bethan Laura Wood, Mae Engelgeer, Duccio Maria Gambi, Odd Matter and Sabine Marcelis.





Outside of the showroom and stand, cc-tapis participated in collaborations all over the city:

CASSINA Details Collection by Charlotte Perriand


cc-tapis and Cassina combine artisanal expertise with contemporary design for two hand-knotted rugs conceived by pioneering architect Charlotte Perriand. 2 rugs which were designed in the 1940’s and never serially produced, they are now on display exclusively in the Cassina Milan Showroom and are available to purchase from both cc-tapis and Cassina. 

Discover Cassina Details Collection by Charlotte Perriand >>

Visit them at CASSINA MILANO: via Durini 16



cc-tapis co-founder Nelcya Chamszadeh participates in MISSCHIEFS: a 360 sensory world of art, design, and craft at Fabbrica Bini

Creative space Fabbrica Bini hosts the first international presentation of the nomadic Swedish feminist exhibition MISSCHIEFS, in a staging of a multilevel experience driven by women in the arts and design. For the Milan Design Week, Nelcya Chamszadeh joined MISSCHIEFS, interpreting its punk spirit with PLEASED TO MEET YOU, a tribute to women, to their primordial role in life, to their strengths, to their will, to their resilience, a declaration of love and admiration for women.


View more here >>


Hand Written Stories by ASPESI


ASPESI SHOWROOM photo by Sebastiano Pellion Di Persiano

A project by Gianluigi Ricuperati, with Hans Ulrich Obrist with set design by Patricia Urquiola.
Hand Written Stories turned the Milanese ASPESI showroom into a contemplative space away from the confusion of the city. Thanks to the words of the great voices of contemporary creatives shared on post-its for Hans Ulrich Obrist, and to the furnishings of the set designed by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia and cc-tapis, the visitor became part of a constellation of words, impressions, sensations and reflections that turned into stories, just as the name of the project suggests.

Discover the Rotazioni, Patcha, Visioni and Weallcomefromvenus rugs by Patricia Urquiola

Bethan Gray presents: the Inky Dhow Collection


During the Salone del Mobile 2022, Bethan Gray invited visitors to immerse themselves into an enveloping “Inky Dhow” universe, where an installation of furniture, textiles, rugs, hand blown glass and ceramics, were on show at Rosanna Orlandi’s  gallery in Milan’s Magenta district. An exhibition intended to excite and entice all the senses while demonstrating the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative techniques imbued in every piece Bethan designs.

Discover the Inky Dhow rug by Bethan Gray at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

FLORILEGIO – Ecosystem of an Interior by Cristina Celestino


FLORILEGIO photo by De Pasquale Maffini

A project by Cristina Celestino establishing a fertile synergy between design and domesticated nature. Organized around the relationship between the original architectural elements of the space, and the designer’s contemporary intervention. FLORILEGIO is an ode to Nature which exalts any decorative interference and features 2 custom Envolée rugs created specifically for the space.

Radaelli Fioraio
via A. Manzoni 16 Milan

Discover the Envolée rug by Cristina Celestino at Radaelli Fioraio

Why Now? by Spotti


SPOTTI MILANO photo by Sean Davidson, styling by Greta Cevenini

For the MDW 22, the historical Milanese furniture design shop launched the Why Not? collection, with Tacchini as an exhibition partner, curated by Mr.Lawrence studio. The TCP Collection by Odd Matter was displayed amongst a highly curated selection of products and was put into conversation with 15 international designers and studios.

Spotti Milano
viale Piave 27 Milan

Learn more about the exhibition here >>
Discover the TCP Collection by Odd Matter


LE DICTATEUR – My crush with eyeliner by Federico Pepe

Photo by Mattia Iotti

At the Salone del Mobile 2022, Le Dictateur presented “My crush with eyeliner”, a journey through the hybridization of different furniture collections, both historical and unpublished, under the Le Dictateur Studio brand and designed by Federico Pepe.

Le Dictateur Studio
via Melzo 34 Milan

Discover a custom project created specifically for the exhibition, presented alongside the cc-tapis icon “Eyes in Chains” rug. Both designed by Federico Pepe at Le Dictateur Studio


Re-Connecting by Zanotta


During the Milan Design Week 2022, Zanotta inaugurated “Experience Room”, a Contract collective on show at Zanotta House, a project which illustrates the know how of a series of partner companies in the contract market. Designed to offer a direct experience with the product, Experience Room includes two cc-tapis PROJECT hand-loom and hand-knotted rugs.

Zanotta House Milano
16 Piazza XXV Aprile

Discover two hand-loom and hand-knotted rugs by cc-tapis PROJECT at Zanotta House Milano

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