All roads lead to Rome… including that of cc-tapis PROJECT which from 12 October will be at Palazzo delle Esposizioni with 2 custom made carpets by Formafantasma.


Tre Stazioni per Arte-Scienza, an immersive journey through time marked by three different exhibitions presented as stations, thought out as places of rest and movement, focused on the dialogue between art, science and society.


Project by Formafantasma


A captivating context that integrates the most disparate subjects and objects, whose environments have been designed by Formafantasma.

Beyond giving shape to the setting of the entire exhibition, the duo composed of Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi created two custom-made carpets in collaboration with cc-tapis PROJECT, cc-tapis’ contract division. Carpets which were hand-tufted by Indian artisans using wool, nylon, econyl, viscose following the designs of the Italian studio.


cc-tapis PROJECT goes to Rome with Formafantasma for



The cc-tapis design-lab developed the carpets in collaboration with Formafantasma to find the perfect match between design, materials, production and use.

Meticulously made with an extensive range of techniques, textures and finishings, cc-tapis PROJECT can offer durable contract flooring solutions in wool, nylon, econyl, viscose.

The two carpets by Formafantasma were made of wool.

cc-tapis PROJECT works with architects to develop carpets in any size, shape or materials, assisting in development and logistics.

Two carpets that cover the existing structure to activate a landscape for interaction, exchange and constant movement that celebrates science and art. At the centre of the Palazzo is one custom carpet with a diameter of 12.8 m, functioning as the heart of the exhibition, connecting all of the individual spaces and themes. A welcoming space for all the visitors which will also be used for talks and performances throughout the duration of the exhibition.

A layer of colored carpets that enter in a subtle dialogue with the neo-classical architecture of the Palazzo and become an intermediate space for people who are visiting the exhibition.

Tre Stazioni per Arte-Scienza is a project that goes beyond the traditional concept of an exhibition, bringing different knowledge into a single space combined with an interesting program of workshops, conferences, events and physical and digital performances.

Tre Stazioni per Arte-Scienza
12.10.2021 – 27.02.22
Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale 194
Rome (Italy)


Stanza Galileo

Project by Formafantasma
What: Custom carpets for exhibition spaces
Photo: M3S © 2021 Azienda Speciale Palaexpo
Typology: hand-tufted carpet

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