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The cc-tapis Academy is a digital platform created for our family and friends, a series of videos designed to connect with the ones we love, even if we can’t be with you physically.


Enjoy the holiday season
with a Tiramisù



There’s no place like home for the holidays, but since you can’t be with us… we come to you with a traditional Italian dessert to enjoy at home.

Earlier this year we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso, a homage to Milan, the city of design and the home of cc-tapis. This winter break we continue our celebrations with a special winter treat.


video by Malaka


As family traditions are meant to be shared, after revealing the iconic recipe of the Negroni Sbagliato, we now give you the recipe of the Italian Tiramisù interpreted by META, to surprise family and friends with an iconic Italian dessert.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to working with you, meeting you and celebrating with you in the new year.

Sending our best holiday wishes the cc-tapis way.




for teaming-up with us for the realization of the video.

Video by Malaka



META, a new narrative for casual and delivery dining in Milan.

Founded by Ludovico Leopardi and Leo Schieppati, META is a food collective made of 5 kitchens and a coffee shop, inhabited by Michelin star chefs and gastronomical innovators, serving superior quality food and drinks, in line with sustainable principles, at reasonable prices.





META brings design and food together combining 5 kitchens and Orsonero, a coffee shop  designed by david/nicolas. A cocooning atmosphere offering specialty coffee and viennoiseries which reflects the design aesthetic of the duo. The coffee place is enveloped by dark wood panelling complemented by a rounded front bancone welcoming visitors to sit and have a coffee.

David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem have established a long-time friendship with cc-tapis marked by the launch of Plasterworks collection in 2019. A collection of hand-knotted rugs which evokes the duo’s approach to design merging geometries and colours into electric textures.





Let’s celebrate cc-tapis’ 10th birthday together with a Negroni Sbagliato from Bar Basso.
Just because we can’t dance together, doesn’t mean we can’t party.

Maurizio Stocchetto, the owner of Bar Basso, teaches us how to make a Negroni Sbagliato.
Raise your glasses for cc-tapis and send us your birthday wishes using the hashtag: #cctapis10



During this pandemic period, we would like to give our family and friends some time to relax and reflect. A moment to leave stress and worries behind.

Enjoy a 55 min yoga lesson which will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, lead by Susanna Giaroli

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Video by Malaka


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