Wunderkammer by Studiopepe.
Images by Terzo Piano

Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Del Pinto, the founders of Studiopepe have created Wunderkammer, an imaginery digital space filled with their actual prototypes, limited edition pieces, objects and collections. A digital project which gives an insight into their research process, a propensity for collecting not only physical objects but knowledge.


Through these digital images the creative duo express their passion for objet trouvé. Curious minds which appreciate the aesthetic merit not only in artifacts but also in production leftovers, offcuts, industrial moulds and materials – the keys to interprete and fully engage in Studiopepe projects.




Featuring the Talisman wallhanging produced by cc-tapis. A wallhanging which crosses the boundaries of a traditional tapestry, a sculptural element reflecting the philosophy of studio and this project : juxtaposing hard metal elements, soft shapes, mirrored surfaces, light and delicate mohair.


This space is a poetic box in which architectural elements, the materials used for the surfaces, the shapes that define the space all contribute to create a sophisticated contemporary container.


High pile carpet covers the floor and walls and contrasts with the roughness of the other vertical services, in rough cement plaster. The essential clean lines of the stainless steel shelves contrast with the soft organic contours of the wall niches, which are inspired by the work of Scheggi.


Suspended beneath the geometric grid-ceiling is a neon chandelier sculpture, a work of art creating an unexpected interaction in the space.


A moving and emotional collection, far from the logics of consumerism, characterized by a passion for materials and the sculptural value of the collected elements.

Thank-you to Studiopepe for allowing us to publish these beautiful images created by Terzo Piano.

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