cc-tapis is proud to present 10 new designs for Milan Design Week. In collaboration with Patricia Urquiola, David/Nicolas, Martino Gamper, Germans Ermics, Maarten de Ceulaer, Jean-Marie Massaud, Cristina Celestino, Mae Engelgeer, cc-tapis Design-Lab and Studiopepe.

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Patricia UrquiolaFordite

Fordite is a byproduct of the car manufacturing industry: a multicolored stratum of enamel automotive paint that has built up over time within the factory, which is then baked and polished until it resembles a jewel. Inspired by this material, Patricia Urquiola has integrated a similar approach to sustainability in the creation of these rugs. The Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe used was sourced from the material excess left over from cc-tapis’s regular production process. The rugs maintain the same layered appearance as Fordite, recreated with recycled wool and accented with lurex threads.



Martino GamperXequer

Multiple planes of brilliant chequerboards clash and crackle in Martino Gamper’s latest collection for cc-tapis. The bright, piercing colors intertwine and overlap in a psychedelic world born from Gamper’s imagination. Hand knotted with Himalayan wool, pure silk and linen, the materials interplay in the same way as the color-blocked grids, resulting in a brilliant collision of textures and shades. Twisted lines, distorted perspectives and the graphic play typical of Gamper’s designs culminate in five spellbinding new rugs.



The friendship between cc-tapis and David/Nicolas stretches back to their university days, so its no surprise that the seeds for the Plasterworks Collection were planted over a long, friendly lunch. The restaurant in question was Kaléo, a Beirut spot designed by the duo. Inspired by the triangle patterns that decorate the restaurant’s walls, the motif was spun out into multiple variations that feature soft lines, inventive color combinations and contrasting textures. Each hand sketched design was then translated into an ultra-fine hand-knotted rug in Himalayan wool and silk.




Germans ErmicsTidal


Maarten de CeulaerFeathers

Maarten De Ceulaer has always had an affinity for birds. Years ago, he came across the works of John James Audubon and John Gould and ever since has regularly used these illustrations as a source of inspiration. To create each image, De Ceulaer scans, digitally isolates and combines various birds together, often tweaking and morphing them into further abstraction. Shapes, colors, and textures are rearranged in enchanting and absorbing compositions. The collages are then translated into rich and sophisticated rugs, hand-knotted in Himalayan wool and silk. By varying the pile-height a sense of depth is added, emphasizing the feathers’ shapes.



cc-tapis Design-Lab – Rug Invaders

An inter-galactic, shape-shifting army of contemporary hand-knotted rugs born from the minds of the cc-tapis design-lab. Taking inspiration from traditional rug motifs and icons, the Rug Invaders have broken-free from their historical past and are now out of scale and from out-of-space. The 5 invaders: Tabriz Destroyer, Ushak Invader, Kazak Space Shifter, Palmette Lazer Cannon and The Mothership all have their own particular size and shape, conceived to be combined together in a single interior. The Invaders are a new generation of rugs set to conquer and redefine how rugs are used within a space. Invading an interior near you soon.


Studiopepe.Lunar Addiction

A constellation of deconstructed forms crash against one another in Studiopepe’s Lunar Addiction collection. Each rug is articulated by a series of contrasts: complex patterns against visual regularity; flat surfaces alongside three-dimensional components; rough versus smooth textures. The rugs’ asymmetrical configurations are interrupted by pure graphic elements, giving each composition a contemporary edge. Each piece is composed of a shaggy pile in natural Himalayan wool juxtaposed against ultra refined and finished sections that are meticulously sculpted by hand.


Patricia UrquiolaVisioni (new colors)

A new color palette for the iconic rugs designed by Patricia Urquiola, where the black outlines have taken-on a vibrant glow which contrast with charged and contemporary colors. Two rugs that testify to the desire to give value to ancient production techniques, adding a contemporary breath to them.

Patricia UrquiolaSlinkie (new colors)

A design story revolving around color which in 2019 expands to include the new colorcombination of the Triple Slinkie, a succession of warm chromatic evolutions. A visual exercise which transforms the intangible idea of shade and hue into a sophisticated product.


Jean-Marie MassaudParvata

“Nepalese and Tibetan craftsmen, masters of the art of hand-knotted rugs, have translated our concept in their own traditional aesthetic-language to convey the natural wonders of Himalayan rock formations. Parvata: a segment of the Himalayas.” Jean-Marie Massaud A homage to the country it was created in, the name “Parvata” is the Nepali word for mountain and is produced by cc-tapis in the Kathmandu valley at the base of the Himalayas. A rug born to enrich the lives of the craftsmen that created it and the future of Nepal.


Cristina CelestinoEnvolée (new colors)

Mae EngelgeerBliss Big Ultimate



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