Last week we had the pleasure to be part of the “Urban Living Milano” an exhibition hosted by Vitra and Spotti curated by Elena Salmistraro.

Designer, painter and illustrator for leading companies operating in very different fields and sectors, Elena Salmistraro has a multifaceted personality. She uses her unequivocal sign to tell the story of Vitra and to interpret, in her own way, the very current theme of this year’s Vitra Home Stories for Spring of urban furniture, playing with the great transversality of the library of materials and colors of the Swiss company, she does so in a location of excellence such as the historic furniture store Spotti Milano. The result is intense, rich in nuances, signs, references that do not want to be just cultured quotations, but contemporary reinterpretations, experimentations, etc. radicals, instinctive attempts.

Ph: Omar Sartor


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