Brera Design Apartment, Fuori Salone 2017


The Visit by Studiopepe was a bespoke project created on occasion of Milan Design week 2017. Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, the creative directors of Studiopepe studied every inch of the Apartment adding their signature style.




Through the project they wanted to tell the tale not just of a place but also of a gesture and ritual.

“For us, this, is a “home” in the deeper sense of the word, whether it be a private home or a boutique hotel, or any place related to the concept of welcoming and storytelling.”




The project was made to measure, designing custom pieces of design for the space. For cc-tapis they designed the Hello Sonia rugs and wall-hangings. Pieces which combine graphics, geometry and color creating a language inspired by the twenties.

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