Discover Panoplie in Stephanie Thatenhorst’s latest interior project for AD Germany and Bauwerk.  

AD Germany and Bauwerk decided to celebrate current trends in interior design by asking 10 Interior design studios to furnish 10 apartments of the Van B residential project in Munich.

For her project, Stephanie Thatenhorst applied the vibrant textures and color combinations of Patricia Urquiola’s Panoplie System with a surprising result.


Big Loop 04 — Panoplie Wall and Flooring System by Patricia Urquiola
Tic Tac 02 — Panoplie Wall and Flooring System by Patricia Urquiola


Combining different feels, covering wall and flooring surfaces, Panoplie creates a dynamic vocabulary of motifs going from micro-textures to macro and decorative patterns which perfectly work together in the space.


Big Loop and Tic Tac, 2 of the 12 different patterns in the Panoplie system were used by Thatenhorst for both the floor and the walls, creating custom sizes and shapes.




Thanks to Elias Hassos for the beautiful images

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