Cristina Celestino reimagines the suites and rooms for the historic hotel Palazzo Avino with a new capsule collection of rugs by cc-tapis PROJECT.


Situated in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, Palazzo Avino was originally built in the 12th century as a noble residence. The building has had many transformations over the centuries and the latest is from Milan-based architect Cristina Celestino, designing a capsule collection for the structure whilst reimagining the interiors of some of the most important rooms and suites in the hotel. Included is a collection of custom rugs created by cc-tapis PROJECT, the new contract sector of cc-tapis.


Cristina Celestino designed the rugs and the furniture specifically for the hotel, her instruments being elements from the surroundings of the structure: color, texture, the classicism and orientalism of the original architecture, the interior and exterior environments, the border between land and sea. New designs which naturally create a dialogue with the original antiques of the building.



Each rug was produced with special custom sizes, the designs being adapted to the scale and specification of each room or suite. Cristina Celestino worked with the cc-tapis design-lab to develop the collection which was produced by hand in Nepal using linen, wool and pure silk.


Fresh designs which are articulated by monochromatic geometries and patterns, oversized floral designs from indigenous Mediterranean flora such as pomegranate fruit, citrus trees and asphodel flowers.


Color defines the interiors and was inspired by 3 chromatic moods: acquamarine, coral and sand. “The idea was born from understanding the essence of Palazzo Avino and it’s connection with Ravello and the Amalfi Coast” says Cristina Celestino. Soft alcoves and intimate areas, colors that echo the sea and precious details which transform the suites into a type of wunderkammer to excite the eyes and stimulate your fingers thanks to the rich, natural and tactile materials used in the project.


Interior photos by Davide Lovatti
Exterior photos courtesy of Palazzo Avino
Illustrations by Cristina Celestino Studio

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