cc-tapis designers have been hard at work creating new stunning color-combinations for some old-favorites.

The Triple Slinkie rug is now available in a new pink mood and the Visioni collection received some vibrant new colors, both chosen by the designer Patricia Urquiola.

The Super Fake collection has given a hot new look by designer Bethan Laura Wood. A new color-palette of warm and lively colors for the Super Round and Super Rock rugs.

The Envolée rugs welcome the new amber and forest combinations designed by Cristina Celestino and the Bliss Big designed by Mae Engelgeer has evolved into the Bliss Big ultimate, taking inspiration from the Ultimate Bliss presented in 2018.

Triple Slinkie designed by Patricia Urquiola

Visioni designed by Patricia Urquiola


Super Fake “Hot” designed by Bethan Laura Wood


Envolée designed by Cristina Celestino




Ultimate Bliss Big designed by Mae Engelgeer

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