cc-tapis together with the designers updated some of the collections with stunning new color combinations.

The Triple Slinkie rug is now available in a new pink mood, one of our best-sellers the Visioni collection received two new vibrant color combinations, both designed by Patricia Urquiola.

The Super Fake collection designed by Bethan Laura Wood has been updated with the new “Hot” colors.

The Envolée collection designed by Cristina Celestino and the Bliss Big designed by Mae Engelgeer also evolved into new versions with different colors.


Triple Slinkie designed by Patricia Urquiola

A design story revolving around color which in 2019 expands to include the new color combination of the Triple Slinkie, a succession of warm chromatic evolutions. A visual exercise which transforms the intangible idea of shade and hue into a sophisticated product.

Visioni designed by Patricia Urquiola

A new color palette for the iconic rugs designed by Patricia Urquiola, where the black outlines have taken-on a vibrant glow which contrasts with charged and contemporary colors. Two rugs that testify to the desire to give value to ancient production techniques, adding a contemporary breath to them.


Super Fake “Hot” designed by Bethan Laura Wood

A series of rugs inspired by the collision of the man-made with nature. Each based on a different rock form, whose surface patterns are created through the organic build-up of sediment through time and a combination of materials under pressure; In these rugs each layer or facet is represented by a variety of beautiful rug-making techniques which have been developed over centuries by Tibetan artisans.


Envolée designed by Cristina Celestino

The new project by Cristina Celestino for cc-tapis takes inspiration from one of the most delicate architectures present in nature: the wings of a butterfly. The decorative motif is thus revealed by the alternation of chromatic compositions defined by different material densities, from wool to linen. A rhythm that is translated into a full and vibrant texture, playing on the characteristics of the individual materials and on the varying pile-heights used.




Ultimate Bliss Big designed by Mae Engelgeer

An evolution on the Bliss aesthetic, the Ultimate Bliss increases the sculptural and 3D effect which characterizes the collection, creating an extremely sophisticated textile landscape. The rounded shapes of the design play with subtle colors which are enriched by a variety of pile-heights in Himalayan wool and pure silk. As the designer says “the design is so dense you can get lost in the Bliss.”