At the Salone del Mobile 2024, cc-tapis delved into Indian craftsmanship with GRAND TOUR. A brandnew generation of handwoven rugs respecting local heritage and traditional expertise while innovating through the companys contemporary approach.  

Swirl Collection by Univers Uchronia

Expanding its creativity and innovation, cc-tapis introduces GRAND TOUR, a new catalogue of hand-woven rugs whichopens the world of contemporary design to a wider community. The ideas of a diverse group of international creativesexplore territories and the varied facets of Indian craftsmanship including: Universe Uchronia, Patricia Urquiola, Charles-Antoine Chappuis, India Mahdavi, Doshi Levien, Mae Engelgeer, Clara Von Zweigbergk and Chiara Andreatti.




Raag Collection by Doshi Levien

Branching into new production techniques such as Kilim, Dhurrie and petitpoint, cctapis undertook a GRAND TOUR of India, traveling across the northern region of the Country, exploring the places, people and traditions which define the fascinating heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Craft which has evolved over centuries, influenced by natural resources, cultural practices and human interactions which have led to varied and specialized skills with every region offering its own distinct approach to woven artifacts. 



Vice Versa Collection by Chiara Andreatti

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