cc-tapis supports Formafantasma’s Oltre Terra exhibition at the National Museum of Norway



cc-tapis is happy to support Oltre Terra, an ongoing investigation conducted by Formafantasma focused on the history, ecology, and global dynamics of the production and distribution of wool products and sheep farming. 


Formafantasma, Oltre Terra exhibition, National Museum of Norway

Commissioned by the National Museum of Norway, the name of the exhibition stems from the etymology of the word transhumance, formed by the combination of the Latin words trans (across, “oltre” in Italian) and humus (grounds, “terra”).

By looking at the development of wool production, historical artefacts and material culture, Oltre Terra aims at unravelling the complexities of the relationship between animals, humans, and the environment.


cc-tapis finishing process

Featured in the installation, a woolen carpet produced by cc-tapis made of four different wool fibers obtained from twelve “rustic” Italian sheep breeds, and made by using the company’s brand-new robo-tufting machine in Milan. Often discarded as low grade material, coarser wool fibers can still be used in products that are not in direct contact with the skin.


cc-tapis finishing process


Oltre Terra seeks to avoid the simplistic definition of wool as just a material, and to expand its understanding within a much broader ecology. Wool is the entry point to explore and investigate an intricate realm of interactions and interdependencies within an ecosystem.

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26.05 — 01.10.23 


Brynjulf Bulls plass 3, 0250
Oslo, Norway

Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
h10 — h17
Tuesday and Wednesday
h10 — h20

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