For the opening of our new showroom we wanted to create something extremely unique, elegant and contemporary with a project that showcased the craft of rug-making and demonstrated our artisanal capabilities, but above all we wanted a project that could carry and represent the spirit of cc-tapis.  We have been honored to have worked with British designer Faye Toogood who brought her signature style to cc-tapis with the installation and collection “Inventory”.

Inventory is a collection which has pushed the boundaries of our artisanal production, using new materials and combining hand-knotting, hand-weaving and even hand-painting.

The wide range of materials, patterns and haberdashery in the Toogood archives provided the initial inspiration behind these new designs, which translate postindustrial influences such as vulcanised rubber, distressed plaster and security mesh into raw yet gentle furnishings.

The resultant rugs experiment with a variety of quilting, applique and stitching techniques: “Cage” features a diamond latticework effect derived from steel grilles; “Rope” and “Quilt” incorporate sinuous appliqued coils; “Stitch” and “Patch” play with layering and fraying; and the diagonally bisected “Tack” features a graphic, abstracted stitching detail.

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