cc-tapis participates in the 5th edition of God is Green, the festival dedicated to sustainability and the future conceived by Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence.


From 3 to 24 of November, the Tempore Collection by Duccio Maria Gambi will be displayed at Manifattura Tabacchi for the “Reverse Towards a New Paradigm” exhibition.  

Gathering installations, videos and research, 17 authors were asked to investigate the balance between the human-made and nature through their personal approach to design, with the idea that human language can be a resource, no longer of destruction, but of creation and proposition.  



Evoking the process of disintegration and re-appropriation that nature constantly operates on the space designed and lived by man, Duccio Maria Gambi analyzes the relationship between natural and artificial through Tempore, a collection of hand-knotted rugs made of Himalayan wool.

Discover the Tempore Collection here


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03 – 24 Nov
Wednesday – Sunday
14h – 20h   

Via delle Cascine, 35
50144 Firenze FI

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