During Mexico Art Week, cc-tapis enters Casa Pedro Ramírez Vázquez joining a site-specific installation by Studio 84 where pieces from cc-tapis and Nilufar dialogues with the personal effects of the iconic architect. 


In 2023 Studio 84 created an ephemeral installation in Casa Gilardi designed by Luis Barrragan.  

One year on, they return to Mexico City replicating the format, welcoming visitors to CASA PEDRO RAMÍREZ VÁZQUEZ, offering guests the rare experience to immerse themselves in a Modernist masterpiece, designed and constructed in 1958 by one of Mexico’s most important figures in modern architecture.  

A temporary installation integrating cc-tapis and Nilufar’s Open Edition in the existing architecture and furniture pieces.  

cc-tapis participates with 3 collections of hand-knotted rugs: Plasterworks by david/nicolas in its new Dark color combination, Guadalupe by Bethan Laura Wood and the never-seen-before Naïf Collection by Lebanese designers david/nicolas.  

Open only by appointment, the exhibition converges diverse and distinct expressions from design and architecture within a space that appears to, almost magically, transcend conventional constraints of time and space. 



Presented for the first time at Mexico Art Week born from a completely spontaneous creative act, the Naïf Collection projects the designers’ sensibility for geometric shapes applied to an extremely suggestive form of sincere raw beauty. Guided by instinct rather than rigor, the collection features hand-drawn patterns made of floating lines, embossed onto the surface of each rug. Hand-knotted in the cc-tapis Atelier in Nepal, Tibetan artisans express David/Nicolas’ penmanship with a sense of freedom which moves away from control or perfection. A childlike simplicity translating imperfect movements into uncomplicated and pure shapes, made of Himalayan wool and pure silk. The result is Naïf, a seamless and versatile collection of four designs available in four different color combinations which fit in any kind of space, celebrating the spontaneity of the creative act through uneven shapes and details. 

cc-tapis displays the new color combination of the Plasterworks collection by david/nicolas, originally presented in 2019. A new smokey palette enhancing the rugs’ geometric pattern, spun out into multiple variations. Made of soft lines and contrasting textures, the motif is translated by Tibetan artisans into ultrafine hand-knotted rugs in Himalayan wool and silk. 


Inspired by Pedro Ramírez Vázquez’s New Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, Bethan Laura Wood developed the Guadalupe collection. A vibrant and rhythmic composition of colors and textures evoking the 1974 stained-glass windows of the church. A symbol of Mexican culture interpreted with a subtle nod to traditional Otomi embroidery applied to rugs and one wall hanging, hand-knotted pieces made with the finest natural materials such as Himalayan wool, linen, silk and aloe. 

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