A unique collection of numbered edition tapestries designed by Rooms Studio and exclusively hand-knotted for Rooms Studio by cc-tapis


A glimpse into Georgian culture

Goat and the staircase and Vessel on the Road are the two limited Edition, collectible tapestries designed by Rooms Studio and hand-knotted exclusively for the Georgian duo by cc-tapis.

These tapestries were born through simple experimentation by hand. The two founders, Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia played with typical Georgian forms – the Goat and the Vessel – and created handmade sketches – like collages, where these ethnic icons were turned into contemporary artworks. Consecutively, these collages were then transformed into wool and cashmere tapestries in Nepal by Tibetan Artisans.


When I wrote a poem – Group exhibition

When: ‘till September 5th
Where: Gallery Artbeat, Tbilisi






The two tapestries Goat and the Staircase and Vessel on the Road are now part of the “When I Wrote a Poem” Group exhibition held at the Gallery Artbeat, a pioneering contemporary art gallery based in Tbilisi, Georgia till September 5th.

“When I Wrote a Poem” explores themes of identity, importance of heritage and “Georgian Language” in art.

Rather than giving answers, it poses important questions such as   – How much is it necessary for contemporary art to have an identity? And if it isn’t, how much can artists abandon this influence? In what extent do we humans need roots? And how much do these roots need to be connected to geography and to human unity created through accidental occurrences and collective efforts?


Rooms Sculpting In Time

Looking back – When cc-tapis met rooms studio

This isn’t the first time that cc-tapis has encountered Rooms Studio. In 2018 the Georgian duo designed the Night of a Hunter capsule collection for cc-tapis.  The collaboration consists of three open edition rugs, inspired by the ethnic Georgian rug design and reinterpreted in a new more minimalistic way. Their aesthetic reflects the actual creative process of those ethnic rugs, by imagining local women hand-weaving under the starry skies, high up in the mountainous wilderness…

This collection is also a part of the series of observations about turning “Public into Private” – recognizing a human desire to personalize public objects, heritage or even the nature’s treasures (Collection Life on Earth 2018).

Night of a Hunter is a tribute to the unique and historic designs made by unknown women in the villages of Georgia.


See the Night of a Hunter collection here >>>



Rooms Sculpting In Time


Miami Design – In circulation by Rooms Studio


Bus Stop benches and historical benches – Credit Guram Kapanadze


Kooku Design Living Spaces during Miami Basel.


Thank you to Rooms Studio

Images by Mattia Iotti, Levan Maisuradze, Sandro Sulaberidze & Guram Kapanadze

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