cc-tapis joins Design / Dialogue by Ark Journal, a new exhibition concept leading the way for the future of design, craftsmanship, and creative collaborations. 

For the first time during 3daysofdesign, Ark Journal brings together more than 20 international design brands and artists from all corners of the world. Curated by the team behind Ark Journal, the focus of this exhibition is to promote high-quality design and to show new products in an inspiring and relevant way. 

On display: M’ama non m’ama by Patricia Urquiola, Swirl by Univers Uchronia, Raag by Doshi Levien, Naïf by david/nicolas and Everyday by the cc-tapis design-lab. 

Visit the exhibition  

12 — 14 June 
Dampfærgevej 2 
from 10AM-6PM


M’ama non m’ama by Patricia Urquiola

Raag by Doshi Levien

Swirl Autumn by Uchronia

Day Espresso – Everyday Collection


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