Maison Matisse and cc-tapis collaborate for the Paysage collection designed by Cristina Celestino.



Maison Matisse – Credit Alice Cuvelier


Born from the collaboration between Maison Matisse and Cristina Celestino, Paysage is an exclusive collection of hand-knotted rugs which are part of Maison Matisse’s larger family of highly curated furniture and home accessories: “Intérieur aux Aubergines” inspired by Matisse’s 1911 masterpiece by the same name, designed entirely by Cristina Celestino.

The Paysage rugs are produced by cc-tapis and are now available in the cc-tapis catalogue, expanding the collaboration between the two brands, born from the mutual respect for innovation and artisanal craftsmanship, with the result being high quality products which, like art, remain timeless.

Cristina Celestino’s creativity, the innovative spirit of Maison Matisse and cc-tapis’ ability to transfer the value of time into an object gave birth to a collection of rugs which bring the spirit and vision of Henri Matisse into interior spaces.


Maison Matisse – Credit Alice Cuvelier

Available in different colors and formats, the Paysage rugs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where outdoor motifs and symbols are brought inside. The collection is the perfect balance between geometric elements and color, synthesizing and evoking the freshness of Henri Matisse’s work.


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In the spirit of Henri Matisse, Maison Matisse celebrates ‘joie de vivre’.
Initiated by the fourth generation of Henri Matisse’s family to celebrate, pass on and share the boldness and values of this universal artist, Maison Matisse offers an interpretation of the painter’s creative world, celebrating shapes and colors.

Open to the world, free of dogmatism and able to innovate again and again, Henri Matisse is — still today — an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists around the world. His legacy still informs contemporary visual creation and culture.

Maison Matisse mission is to promote the heritage of Henri Matisse with collections that involve emerging or already established contemporary designers and artisans. These Masters of creativity and savoir-faire interpret with respect the vision and values of the artist with unprecedented interpretations, becoming the bearers of the brands core-values: optimism, simplicity and boldness.

As the name implies, it is a “Maison”, a place inhabited by people who day after day transmit the essence of the artist into objects destined for everyone who appreciates attention to detail, quality and the history of a handmade product.


Maison Matisse – Credit Alice Cuvelier

Objects to look at, to touch, to experience, to transmit, whose shapes, volumes and colors stimulate the imagination, celebrating a bond with Henri Matisse. Vases, plates, furniture and high-quality rugs that, like us, change over time, nourishing and interacting with different spaces, people and situations. They are the result of a handiwork meticulous process that transform each object into a unique piece.




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Thank you to Maison Matisse for allowing us to share the product photography by Alice Cuvelier

cc-tapis images by Claudia Zalla and styling by Greta Cevenini

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