Instead of a Christmas campaign with posters, cards, packaging and shipping, cc-tapis has decided to give that budget to cc-for education. The money will go towards educating 10 more children in Nepal. Children who will be given the opportunity to study in a private school in Kathmandu in 2020

We hope your 2020 will be as great as theirs.
We wish you an amazing festive season and see you in January at IMM and M&O.

CC-FOR EDUCATION is a young and ambitious organization and over the past five years, we have managed to enroll more than 50 children and one university student from the Boudha area outside of Kathmandu. It is now our priority to provide these children with a full education and we hope to include more children each year.

We believe that by giving children an education we can give them the freedom and the opportunity to make their own choices for their future, breaking the education gap and giving a brighter future to Nepal.

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