• #34

  • 34
  • 230x300
  • Customizable in size
  • himalayan wool
  • A (125.000 knots / sqm approx.)
  • Quadro Celeste by Studiopepe.
    For the collection Quadro Celeste, Studiopepe takes their inspiration from archetypal graphic elements such as the numerical grid of the Quadrato Magico or Magic Square. The Magic square is a grid where the total of every row and column including the diagonal lines always adds-up to the same number. This number is called the magic constant or the magic sum of the square. In the collection it is this number which gives the name to every rug. The project is completed with a collection of wallhangings which interpret the rug as a sculptural object with a strong symbolic meaning. The use of the color becomes the contemporary break of a geometry dominated by shades of wool and natural shades.
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