The Segni Minimi Collection is designed by Giuseppe Di Costanzo, originally launched in 2016.

In 2020 the collection has grown to include 6 new models.

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Segni Minimi is a collection of drawings, sketches and digital collages: dreamlike compositions and imaginary scenarios inspired by architecture of the Mediterranean and the designers home city: Naples. These compositions have been translated into hand-knotted rugs, using a knotting technique which expresses the graphic style of the original drawings.


Stemming from research into graphic marks, focusing on the creative process itself.







 A process in which the combination of signs, lines and strokes  give rise to a result which is not always predictable.


The subtle line between pure abstraction and the figurative unites this collection; stylized objects and figurative construction, where graphic marks and pure forms tend to merge into a single composition in which the theme is architecture, space and organization there of.







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