Big novelties at IMM and M&O:

  • The Bliss collection gets a new undyed look

  • A new design by Cristina Celestino

  • The Super Fake gets hot in Europe

  • The presentation of CHAND, a new design by cc-tapis design-lab

cc-tapis bursts into 2020 with the presentation of new creations and the extensions of existing collections by Mae Engelgeer, Cristina Celestino and Bethan Laura Wood. In particular, cc-tapis will participate at IMM and M&O exhibiting new undyed colors of the Bliss collection by Mae Engelgeer and the Super Fake Hot collection by Bethan Laura Wood, in Europe for the first time. Added to these are Plissé, the new design by Cristina Celestino, and Chand, a rug designed by the cc-tapis design lab, which will be presented exclusively at M&O.


13 to 19 January

Hall: 3.2

Stand: E40


17 to 21 January

Hall: 6

Stand: L-16 / M-15




Stand design by Studio Milo

Photo by Andrea Bartoluccio